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Why selling your business on Gumtree might not be the best way to go

Why selling your business on Gumtree might not be the best way to go
Selling a business
Selling a business

Why selling your business on Gumtree might not be the best way to go

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Selling a business is a complex proposition that requires professional help to avoid financial costs and legal issues downstream.


Selling physical items on Gumtree is an excellent way for many people to dispose of those items.
Selling a business for the best possible price and ensuring that the sale goes to completion, has so many more aspects to it. Interbiz Business Brokers has the Experience & Knowledge to market your business in a competitive environment.
Here are a few important issues for you to consider.
1. We are Licenced Real Estate Agents, trained and skilled in getting you the best possible price!
2. We will work with you throughout the sale process and get the deal done.
3. Confidentiality guaranteed as we qualify all our buyers.

Other Factors to Consider in Selling Your Business


Once you’ve decided to sell your business, your time is best utilized getting the business into tip-top shape to increase it’s appeal to potential buyers and achieve the highest sales price possible.
Showing potential buyers your business is very time consuming and interferes with running your business. Selling your business is the time to give it your utmost attention. Interbiz Business Brokers saves you a lot of time by finding potential buyers for your business, screening them to ensure that they capable of moving forward with the purchase of your business, while allowing you the time to focus on your business.


In listing your business yourself through services like Gumtree or other classified newspaper & online advertising, you run the risk of over-pricing or under-pricing your business. The former could waste a lot of your valuable time showing the business to buyers that ultimately walk away. The latter could mean that you walk away with less money than you deserved. Interbiz Business Brokers can work through the process with you in establishing a fair market value for the business that will achieve a sale in a reasonable time frame.

Sales Process:

Interbiz Business Brokers will work with you to gather all the information that will be required by a Buyer, their Accountant, and their Lawyer, as part of the due diligence process. This is an involved process that needs to be professionally and correctly presented for you to achieve the best outcome.


By listing your business through Interbiz Business Brokers, rather than through a classified advertisement on a medium such as Gumtree, you are able keep the future sale confidential until the right time. You may not wish you employees, customers, competitors or vendors to know of the impending sale before the right time. Interbiz Business Brokers ensures that all qualified prospective buyers have signed a Confidentiality Agreement before being presented any information about your business.
  • Be Smart and use an experienced, well-respected and fully qualified business broker.

    At Interbiz Business Brokers – We bring Buyers and Sellers together!

All articles provided on this website are for informational purposes and not to be construed as financial or legal advice. Consult you accounting & legal team for advice in selling or buying a business.